This is an ONLINE CLASS, designed to teach you the basic moves which would be performed in a Body Pump class.

Whether you be new to Body Pump, or have been taking these classes regularly, these technique videos are suitable for all.

Body Pump challenges all the major muscles in the body and gives you a functional workout based on every day movements.  Each class follows the same format. Ten tracks in all with a great stretch at the end to restore the muscles back to their resting length.

By mixing up your workouts and including a couple of  Body Pump training sessions every week, you will quickly see your fitness levels rise, fat levels decline and improvements in your strength.

To do the videos below first ensure that you are warmed up.  No equipment is required, you can substitute the bar for a broom handle and water bottles for weights.

This first video goes through Set Position which is the most important move in Body Pump, and then covers, Dead Lifts, Dead Rows, Squats and Chest.

Dead Lifts & Rows.  Abdominals contracted, slide the bar down the thigh whilst pulling the shoulders back.  On rising push through the heels.  The weight goes into the heels so you are able to lift and move your toes.  Tuck your chin in slightly and keep your chest lifted.     For the Rows the only part that moves are your upper arms as you squeeze the elbows in and past your sides.

Squats. Always start,  and finish in SET Position.  Feet & legs wider than set, turning toes out slightly.  The bar is lifted onto th meaty part of your back, away from the neck.  If chosing to use a plate, this is clasped to the chest with both hands.    Pull in stomach and push the hips back and down, keeping the chest up.  Knees travel towards the 2nd and 3rd toes.  Squeeze the butt, push through the heels to rise.  The depth of the squat aim for90 degrees.

Chest. Hands as wide on the bar as possible, wider than shoulders.  Feet stay on the ground, bar in the heel of the hand. Contract the abdominals, press the shoulders down towards the hips, lengthening the neck.  Ba is brought down towards the middle of the chest, aiming for the heart, but is kept 4 inches off the chest at all times.

VIDEO 2. Back and Triceps

Clean & Press. It is extremely important that you keep the bar close to the body and always come back into SET position before rowing.

Snatch the bar up to the chest.  As it reaches the chest rotate the wrists and squat. Drive through the legs taking the bar above your head.Bring the bar down to the shoulders and squat again.  Straighten the legs as you are lifting the elbows higher than the bar so as to bring the bar back down keeping it close to the body as you do so.

TRICEP Extention.  Hands shoulder width apart,  10 – 14″.  Strong wrists throughout, rings towards the ceiling.  Keep elbows directly above the shoulders, squeeze them together as you lower the bar towards the forhead.  Squeeze elbows again and bring the bar straight back up.

TRICEP PRESS.  Same start position as above. Pull the bar straight down aiming for the bottom rib, keeping the elbows tucked in close to the sides. Elbows stop at bench level.


LUNGES – One leg needs to be taken back so that the legs form right angles when the move is executed.  Keep the hips square, engage the core, keep the chest up and the shoulder down and back.  The back knee leads you down, the front leg drives straight up.

SHOULDERS.  Long neck, chin tucked in, core activated.  If hands going over head always done in SPLIT stance with elbows in a slightly forward position to avoid over extension of the shoulders at the top,  The return phase bar or weights stopping a chin height.

The above helps and hints will get you started have a GREAT workout.

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