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Thank you for purchasing Bodyblast 2, I hope that you have as much fun doing the workout as I did in making it.

This is a private protected page so if you are not downloading it immediately I would suggest bookmarking it or saving it to your favourites.

The aim of the Bodyblast series is to quickly and efficiently target the entire body, so you are not wasting time, but getting the results you want in the minimum amount of time.  You will need hand weights for this workout, and as it gets easier, then increase the weights.   For an advanced option you may like to use the weights all the way through

I would suggest adding to this an abdominal workout to give you a good all round exercise session.

Please ensure that you have warmed up first.  This is  12 minute workout which targets, legs, butt, back, shoulders, triceps and chest with a stretch at the end.

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