Many of the people I speak with about being active or on exercise training, often talk about how they do not have the time, the motivation or the discipline to stick with their workout program.

The thing that these people do not really understanding is that it really is not about having the time, the motivation or the discipline. It is simply about habits. Think of it this way, you do not need to have time or determination to brush your teeth and take a shower everyday do you? No, you just get on and do it.

This is the big difference between the people who are healthy and fit and those who are not.

Although it does take determination and drive to develop a workout or exercise training habit, there are some things you can do to make it successful and easier, and therefore setting yourself up for success.

Firstly, keep to your exercise schedule. We are creatures of habit and this is a really important thing to allow for when setting up your schedule. The first 3 months is critical to developing a habit to the point that you will never again have to really “think” about if you are going to take some exercise or eat right.

So like I said before the best case scenario, working out or exercising for you should be like brushing your teeth. Leaving no question as to whether or not you are going to exercise, you just get on and do it. No questions asked. The minute you skip a workout, you break the habit your sub conscience is trying develop.

Last week I was talking with one of my clients and he told me that today was his third anniversary. I wondered if he was talking about his marriage but he then went on to clarify that he had now been attending the gym three times a week for the past three years. This particular man had never ever been in a gym before, let alone a member of one. He was thrilled with the difference it has made to his health – he has a heart condition. His body shape – he has lost two stone and increase in his strength. He is in his early 60s and tells me that he has more energy now than he had in his 20s. How did he do it – he got the exercise training habit.