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Exercise at home is a great way of boosting your energy levels as well as improving your fitness without having to arrange babysiters or going out on those dark winter evenings.  There are  now over 20 articles freely available for you such as How to Choose a weight Loss Program,   Abdominals, to name just two.  The express workouts will give you maximum calorie burning in the minimum amount of time.

If you find yourself promising yourselves that you will go to the gym at the weekend or after work, but find it not happening, or enjoy exercise classes but find they are never on at a time when it suits you, then this website is for you. Life for many of us is extremely busy and finding the time to take regular physical activity is often a luxury, not a necessity, and sometimes there just are not enough hours in the day to fit everything in.

Do you often find that taking sometime out for yourself is way down on the list of things you have to do? You know you should be looking after yourself, and would love to be able to get out and take an exercise class, but at this moment in time exercise is often the last thing on your mind. It is therefore important to not only think of exercise just as “getting fit” but also as “investing in your immediate and long term health”.   Exercise Training At Home will help to fill that gap  and help you develop good health habits at the same time.

If you have always struggled with your weight or have found that over time the weight seems to be creeping on then I have  a Free video weight loss course.  Sign up NOW and found out more


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Going to the gym and taking exercise classes are great but often involve putting aside alot of time during the day to do it. Often its a case of having to either wait until the children are at playgroup, nursery or school, and then rushing off to the gym or class. If you have a full time job finding the time, and more often than not, the motivation to go out again after a busy day at work, when there are other demands made on us from the home or family.   Let Exercise Training At Home help and motivate you and you can always email me for specific information and advice.

If you can identify with this, and have thought that at this moment in time exercise is not going to fit in then THINK AGAIN. The great news is that current research has now shown that shorter bouts of exercise for example two 30 minute sessions or three 20 minute exercise sessions done throughout the day are of the same value as a one hour session*

If you enjoy taking BODY PUMP classes there is now a brand new section whereby you can practise your technique at home. VIEW HERE

If you are fed up with doing the same exercise sessions but not seeing the results then check out the Exercise DVD. This is a Bootcamp style exercise DVD and other downloads which will give you weight loss and tone your body. To view CLICK HERE

Many of the exercise downloads will be equipment free, but should you need any weights then you could always improvise using small water bottles filled with beans or indeed water.

There are two  ONLINE  shops, one with Amazon for clothing and books, and  the other with Physical Company for fitness equipment, feel free to browse.   You might also like to try the BMI calculater to your right.

If there are any particular information articles that you would like to see then please email me direct from the tab at the top of this page. (1)20090312_041029

It doesn’t matter what your levels of fitness currently are, I can help, encourage and guide you to making easy sensible steps to improve. It is not about going from doing no activity to taking a five mile run every day.

When you exercise you must judge what you are doing by how you feel and listening to what your body tells you. To gain all the wonderful benefits that physical activity gives you, it needs to be sustainable and not just a five minute wonder. So let me help you take your first steps to take regular Exercise At Home so that you can see the weight loss you are after as well as improving your health and fitness levels.

Elaine Roles

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*referenced from Department of Health “At least Five a Week”



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